rose grower

❀ Producers


- Roses Loubert

Producers of roses, they multiply more than 2000 varieties each year.


- Les Rosiers du Berry

Producers specialized in the culture of modern and old roses.


- Les Roses Anciennes André Eve


- Roseraie de Berty


❀ Producers and creators


- Roseraie Fabien Ducher


- Roseraie Guillot


- Melarosa

Expert in roses and fruit trees.


- David Austin

English roses

nursery gardener

❀ Trees et shrubs


- Pépinière Maurice Laurent 

Hundreds of varieties of shrubs and viburnum.


- Pépinière Bessard Christian

Christian Bessard offers awide choice of rare trees ans shrubs such as cornus, malus, prunus, acer.

adresse : 201 A Chemin du Peloux

                   01310 Polliat

tel : +33 (0)4 74 30 41 81

email :


❀ Hydrangeas et Hortensias


- Pépinières de la Thyle

Thierry de Ryckel, an expert for hortensias, hellebores and hemerocalles.


- Pépinière Annabelle

address : 3 rue Roger de Toytot

                  39290 Rainans

phone number : +33 (0)3 84 72 17 62

email :

Association and more

L'Association Roses Anciennes en France aims at the knowledge, at the culture, at the conservation, and at the promotion of old roses.


Les hybridations et obtentions de   Jean-Pierre Vibert


La Rose des Prairies

A garden to visit

adresse : Dourioux

63410 Charbonnières les Varennes

sites : -




 ❀ Restauration


The Hostellerie de Saint Georges, near the garden, proposes a fine, delicious and elaborate home cooking only of quality products.